The odyssey of a Pink Dress in pixels

A shaggy-dog story of a virtual art collaboration in the Metaverse.

The original Pink Dress, in Tilt Brush. Björk-worthy? I hope so.
A still image taken from Seeds of Space, a series of 3D VR artworks in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. I made the Pink Dress as one of the forms embedded as a germ in a Seed.
Lenara (Y0b) in her voxel finery in Cryptovoxels. Note that I’m the only naked avatar at the party.

Here’s what we did:

The dress in its Seeds of Space incarnation (in still and gif incarnations)—hurtling fashion through the galaxy.
The dress as loaded onto 3D publishing platform Sketchfab.
The dress pulled from Sketchfab into Blender.
Lenara broke the model into several parts in MagicaVoxel.
Lenara installed the Megavoxel sculpture version of the Tilt Brush dress in her parcel (go visit!) on Cryptovoxels.
Womped from within: Lenara’s voxel sculpture photographed from within, then tokenized on Rarible. Lenara named this piece “Inside a dress I see the sky”.
Lenara’s artwork, available on Rarible with an Unlockable offering bonus gifts.
Collector Brookhawk bought the piece and displayed it in his Cryptovoxels gallery. You can visit it here.
Lenara’s second piece based on the dress – available on Rarible at the time of this writing. It includes secret goodies in the Unlockable.
Left: Lenara’s Womp of the sculpture on her parcel, now augmented with her voxel sculpture “The All-Seeing Eye Overlooking the Playa”. Right: The Wompbot’s tweet.
Buy this NFT to unlock the Poly and Sketchfab files of the original Pink Dress.

Are we there yet?

Here we are at the Cryptovoxels Pink Dress sculpture in our new voxel threads. I am wearing two fascinators, because why not?
The Pink Dress that launched a ridiculous chain reaction of digital artmaking across the Metaverse.

organic unidirectional time machine // writer + artist // aka oculardelusion //

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