Can’t make the March on Washington? Join a March in the Metaverse for civil rights! (And get a free BLM t-shirt!)

Karen Frances Eng
2 min readAug 28, 2020

TODAY: 12 noon Pacific, 3pm Eastern, 8pm UK

Hosted by cryptoart platform KnownOrigin, cryptoartists and collectors from all over the world are showing support of today’s March on Washington with our own March in the Metaverse. Taking place in Cryptovoxels — a Minecraft-like virtual world on the Ethereum blockchain occupied entirely by artists’ spaces — the march will start at a virtual gallery dedicated to The Advocate, documentary filmmaker Jon Lowenstein’s feature film focused on the life of young Black community activist Jedidiah Brown. UK-based cryptoart platform KnownOrigin is supporting Jon’s work to augment his current GoFundMe campaign to complete the film. (See Jon’s gallery on KnownOrigin.)

Untitled. Jon Lowenstein “Jedidiah Brown at the Operation PUSH (People United to Serve Humanity) Headquarters on Chicago’s South Side. In 1971 the Reverend Jesse Jackson and other residents of Chicago’s South Side founded Operation Push after a well-known split with Reverend Abernathy’s Operation Breadbasket. With its headquarters located on Chicago’s South Side and branches throughout the United States, Operation PUSH has been an important part of Black life in America. Brown and the many other young leaders around the world are the current generation of changers who are fighting for Black Liberation.”

We will take a brief route through Cryptovoxels and then teleport to an afterparty at the gallery of hip-hop art & music space Guerrilla Music (,64N), where there will be a live musical performance by MassQline as well as screenings of the trailer for The Advocate and Lowenstein’s other work.

Twenty-five attendees will be put into a drawing to win a free voxel wearable #BLM tee-shirt created by artist @Sinkas5, commissioned and donated by KnownOrigin.

ANYONE can join.

Simply point your browser to,176S at 12 noon Pacific, 3pm Eastern, 8pm UK. If you have never used Cryptovoxels before, please come 1/2 hour early & look for @oculardelusion in the chat box on bottom left, who will help you get situated.

#MarchOnWashington #BLM #theadvocatefilm

The Advocate trailer


Short piece by Jon about Jedidiah Brown that aired on UK’s Channel 4

The Advocate GoFundMe page(for more information, and to make a donation in any amount to support the film)

Jon Lowenstein’s KnownOrigin gallery (buy NFTs and support the making of The Advocate)

KnownOrigin article about why it’s supporting The Advocate

Behind the Screen: Jon Lowenstein and KnownOrigin interview with Serena Tabacci of MODCA introducing the project to the cryptoart community

Jon Lowenstein’s page



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