GANOODLE [Async Edition] / 2021

A Peek into the Fanciful World of Cryptoartist Stina Jones

Manchester-based cryptoartist Stina Jones’s popular GANOODLES creatures are making the evolutionary leap to Async’s programmable-art platform.

Stina Jones’s distinctive, fanciful artwork is grounded in her professional experience in illustration and graphic design.
Daily Doodles / 2010
Left: Bastet on Stevenson Square, Manchester / 2019 Right: A kitten called Bastet, available as an NFT on KnownOrigin.
GANOODLE / 103–53 [Genesis Edition] / 2020
GANOODLES. Left: 019–45. Right: 035–44 / 2020
Isolation Doodles, created for More Than Glass, an art collaboration and exhibition by the UK-based 105collective. (See it installed in the metaverse!) / 2020

organic unidirectional time machine // writer + artist // aka oculardelusion //

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