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organic unidirectional time machine // writer + artist // aka oculardelusion //
Emergence (2020) by @oculardelusion // NFT available in edition of 3 on KnownOrigin

NOCTURNES (2021), recently created on Async Art and launched at CADAF Paris 2021. This represents one iteration of the three-layer moveable collage. Each layer has two states and may be collected as an NFT, as can the overall composition — aka the Master. The owners of each layer NFT may change it at any time, and these changes are reflected in the Master.

VILP, by Natural Warp: Intergalactic Multicellular Organism, on NEAR Mintbase

Balthasar van der Ast (1593–1637) Fruit Still Life with Shells. Wikimedia Commons

GANOODLE [Async Edition] / 2021

Image: Karin Eklund (2020)

The original Pink Dress, in Tilt Brush. Björk-worthy? I hope so.

A testing tent at St. Barnabas Hospital on March 20, 2020 in New York City. Photo: Misha Friedman/Getty Images

Karen Frances Eng

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